Research at the New York State Mesonet

Terms of Use

The mission of the New York State (NYS) Mesonet is to operate a world-class environmental monitoring network and deliver high-quality observations and timely value-added products to New York State residents and workers in order to support state decision makers, to enhance public safety and education, and to stimulate advances in resource management, agriculture, industry, and research. As such, the Mesonet provides a service to the state of New York through its collection, quality control, and dissemination of its observations and products. All users of this service must agree to its terms of use, as outlined below.

All users of the NYS Mesonet data agree to its Data Access Policy and financial contracts. In return, the NYS Mesonet will work in good faith to uphold the reliability and accuracy of its network, data and products. However, the Mesonet is not legally responsible for the accuracy of its observations and products, the reliability of its network, or the decisions made as a result of the use of these data.

All NYS Mesonet observations, products, and web content and graphics are copyrighted and remain the property of the Mesonet. No text or graphics may be copied from the NYS Mesonet website without the written consent of the Mesonet.

All content presented on NYS Mesonet materials and website are presented as accurately and as timely as possible. However, we do not guarantee that the materials are error-free, and is the responsibility of the user to verify the veracity of all information presented.

The NYS Mesonet is not responsible for any computer viruses or related problems that users may incur when accessing our data and web services.

If you have any questions regarding the NYS Mesonet terms of use policy, please contact the NYS Mesonet Program Manager, Dr. Jerry Brotzge, at jbrotzge(at)albany(dot)edu.