The mission of the New York State Mesonet (NYSM) is to serve the state of New York by providing the best meteorological data, the best products, and the best services possible with the goal of saving lives and property while building a smart weather economy. At its core, the NYSM is a highly dedicated, cross-disciplinary team aspiring to set the worldwide standard of excellence for data quality. With its unique focus on research to operations, preventive maintenance, and state-of-the-art quality control efforts, the NYSM utilizes these high quality weather data to create end products designed to improve forecast accuracy, reduce uncertainty, and mitigate harm. In collaboration with government, academic, and commercial partners, the NYSM is solving real-world problems in agriculture, emergency management, energy, public health, and transportation, improving the well being and livelihood of all.

— Jerry Brotzge, 2019