The NYC Micronet

The New York City Micronet is a dense network of 22 weather stations, 17 owned by Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc., and 5 owned by the NYS Mesonet. Collectively, the Micronet provides critical real-time weather data during high-impact events for utility operations and long-term data for monitoring climate change. These data are essential for understanding short to long-term power infrastructure needs. The New York City Micronet was designed and installed by the New York State Mesonet, and the Mesonet continues to maintain network operations. Ten sites are located at ground level, eleven sites are deployed on roof tops, and one site is located on a pier. A majority of Micronet stations measure air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, and pressure. A mix of stations also measure wind speed and direction, solar radiation, snow depth, soil temperature and moisture, surface (skin) temperature, and water temperature. Micronet data are collected every 5 minutes, quality controlled, archived and made available to users in real-time. The 17 Con Edison sites and 5 NYS Mesonet sites located in NYC are shown in the data display below.

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