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A cost-recovery fee may be charged for some data requests. NYS Mesonet data are free to the general public for personal use (i.e., citizen science) and available for licensing to other entities in accordance with the NYS Mesonet Data Policy. For more information, please review our Research Policy or please contact the NYS Mesonet Program Manager, Dr. June Wang, at


Which timezone do you want your data to be in?

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Please limit image requests to 3 or fewer sites, and 3 or fewer days. In the comments, specify the time(s) and/or date range of the photos requested if they differ from what you selected above. An additional handling fee may apply for larger requests.

Please let us know of any special instructions or of requests that aren't covered above.

Please let us know how you plan to use the data. This helps us track the value of Mesonet data for our sponsors.